Amory Ross“How can I describe the ocean? The ocean is impossible to describe because it is endless; it is full of life, wonder and mystery.”

About the project

From beneath the ocean’s surface to a 3,000-meter mountain peak, the ocean weaves in and out of our lives and connects us all like a thin, blue thread of silk. To highlight this connection, we’ve brought together an internationally renowned freediver, a world champion freeskier, and professional offshore sailing team. 

Like water, these athletes move in harmonious unison with their mind, body, and the present moment. When you are fully immersed in nature, you’re able to reach your fullest expression.  Together, these athletes bring to life their high-performance dance. Like water, they flow.

Shaped by Water is produced by 11th Hour Racing and presented in collaboration with Protect Our Winters.

From the highest mountains to the darkest depths, and everything in, under, among, and in between – the ocean is directly linked to ourselves and the world around us.


They say the ocean connects us all, but what does that really mean? For many of us, the first time we set eyes on the ocean is a moment we remember throughout our lives. It is so uncomprehendingly vast and seemingly limitless that it is hard to imagine us having any sort of impact on its health. And yet we do.

This artistic film explores the relationship that athletes who continually push to the edge have with themselves and the environment they are immersed in. The film has an almost meditative rhythm and flow that aligns with the state of mind achieved when you are fully present. It explores the nature of the world we exist in, which depends on the health of the saltwater wonderland that links us together. Through a seamlessly interconnected dance represented through sailing, freediving, and skiing, the film serves to inspire, challenge, and engage all of us to think about our world and our actions with a fresh perspective never seen before.

May 2023